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07/27 - 08/21   


SUMMER SCHOOL 2020 July 27 - August 21 2020!

Pre-Kinder (2-4 yrs)

Kinder (5-6 yrs) and

Elementary School Students (7-12 yrs)



Morning Circle Maths Free Play Phonics/Reading Outside Play Lunch Theme Story Time Home Time


The Daily Schedule varies slightly day to day and may be adjusted to suit the weather and/or the teacher's lesson plan.

The Summer School Program at Blossoms is designed to create a fun and supportive atmosphere where students can use English, improve their academic and social skills, enjoy their summer vacations, and make friends. The teaching staff at our school has three main goals for each student who attends: 1) Have Fun, 2) Make Friends, and 3) Use English.

At Blossoms, we believe students learn language best through interacting with speakers of the language and having fun learning experiences. In addition to our daily lesson program, students will enjoy summer activities like making ice cream and lemonade, smashing and eating watermelons, science experiments, outdoor games, interesting theme activities, and creative arts and crafts.

We want to show the student how much fun learning English can be and motivate them to want to learn more.


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