Blossoms International School is an English-immersion Preschool, Kindergarten and After School. We provide childcare and educatIonal services to Japanese and expat families in central Tokyo. Since January 2015, we have opened our doors to students from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, and India. Our multicultural school is open to ages 2+ for the morning programs and 3+ for after school programs. Educational programs are available to students of all proficiency levels.






We offer a round-trip bus service that is available to/from the following areas: Ariake, Harumi, Toyosu, Kachidoki, and Tsukishima. Please enquire about availability, schedule and route.




Our staff - teachers, assistants and managers, are a unique, highly trained group with varying educational experience. They join us from the USA, the UK, Australia, France, Italy, Germany  and the Philippines and Japan and bring with them a rich cultural background to share with our students.