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At Blossoms, our goal is not only to teach English but also to help each student develop an interest in exploring and discovering the joy of learning.

Our mission is to help your child gain lifelong exposure to the world and knowledge through English.


We also support students who aim to enter International schools to improve their speaking, writing, reading skills through our Afterschool programs!

3-6 year old Students

Phonics (3-6yo)

DAYS Everyday

TIME 3:05 - 3:45pm (40 minute class)

PRICE ¥2,100 / class

CLASS SIZE 3-10 students

LEVEL Beginner, Beginner+ & Intermediate

Phonics lessons are offered everyday and are separated into three different abilities: Beginner Phonics, Beginner+ Phonics and Intermediate Phonics. These classes will cover content varying from initial letter sounds, through to CVC’s, diagraphs, blending and vowel pairs. These classes are ideal for students aged 3-6 years old who would benefit from extra Phonics support in a group setting. 

Speaking classes will cover grammar points and language and vocabulary games. Each class will encourage students to learn various target language and to use it in phrases, sentences and conversation. These lessons are discussion and role-play based and are ideal for those who wish to gain confidence in speaking English in a group setting.

Speaking (3+)

DAYS Everyday - dependent on level

TIME 3:55 - 4:35pm (40 minute class)

PRICE ¥2,100 / class

CLASS SIZE 3-10 students

LEVEL Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

After School Club is a new program which aims to provide a relaxed environment for students in which they can learn English and focus on having fun and making friends. After School Club is a happy medium between Extended Nursery Care and After Kinder. Activities will be provided and students will be supervised. This class is ideal for students who have an interest in learning English in a fun environment. During this time students are free to join and leave at any point.

After School Club (3-6yo)

DAYS Everyday

TIME 3:55-4:35, 4:40-5:20, 5:25-6:05pm

PRICE ¥1,000 / slot

LEVEL All proficiency levels

We provide care and supervision in a playful environment for children aged 2-6. Please prepare a snack from home. Nap time (by request) is provided at this time. We encourage 3+ aged students to join our After School Club program that is available everyday from 3:50pm or our After Kinder class available on Thursday from 3:00pm. Extended Nursery Care is not available to Elementary school students. All Elementary school students must be in a GIS - Guided Independent Study while not taking classes.

Extended Care Servise (2-6yo)

DAYS Everyday

TIME 2:00 - 6:00pm (length of session by request)

PRICE ¥1,000 / hour

Elementary Students

Elementary Class is a class available to Elementary students of all abilities. The classes are separated in abilities ranging from Beginner to Advanced. They will cover a range of skills such as reading, writing, and discussion.

​Elementary(Reading, Writing, Speaking)

DAYS Everyday

TIME 16:40 – 18:05 (80 minute class)

PRICE ¥4,200 / class

CLASS SIZE 3-10 students

CLASS Beginner Class, Intermediate Class,

​     Advanced Class, Elementary Returnee

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