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AGE 4-5 yrs

HOURS Morning School 9:55am - 1:50pm

ATTENDANCE Monday - Friday

RATIOS Our teacher to child ratio always remains at or below 1:16


LUNCH Parents can bring a packed lunch or order our nutritious lunch from a varied menu each term.


CURRICULUM We have amazing classes to stimulate the children’s brain power and tackle more challenging tasks.

Petals spend time studying, exploring, creating and enjoying physical pursuits.

Each month begins with a new, fun theme of focus and exploration. 

Subjects covered by the Petals:

  1. Phonemic Awareness: letter sounds and letter formation

  2. Beginning / Advanced Phonics: short vowels, long vowels, blends, word making

  3. Reading Scheme: Reading short stories. Mastering pronunciation and reading tone

  4. Writing Scheme: We provide kids with level appropriate assignments guided by the teacher 

  5. Independent Writing Scheme: Each student participates in creative writing tasks. While supervised by the teacher, this leaves the student free to choose his/her topic of interest

  6. Oral Fluency Scheme: Our speaking classes reflect good English syntax and give students many opportunities to practice every day

  7. Mathematics

  8. Early Science / Geography / Nature Studies: This is the chance for kids to experiment, observe and explore the world around them. Each class is related to the theme study of the month with lots of hands-on and exciting activities 

  9. Personal and Social Development: We encourage good personal hygiene, friendship, helpfulness, empathy, respect for the environment and respect for each other



  • Each month begins with a new, fun theme of focus and exploration.

  • A field trip within the curriculum is scheduled once a term.

  • Outside play is scheduled every day - weather pending.

  • Morning circle everyday with singing and dancing.



The Daily Schedule varies slightly day to day and may be adjusted to suit the weather and/or the teacher's lesson plan.

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